Bring Life to Me

You’re the one that lifts me up
when I feel like I am falling
you’re the heart inside of me
when I feel like it is calling

I don’t know what I would be
without you by my side
you somehow breath life in me
when I feel i’m dead inside

You bring life to me
you break down all my walls
and everything I was afraid of
you’ve helped me through it all

What it is you’ve done to me
i’m not sure what it is
but I come to realize that you
shown I can be more than this

When my life started
I didnt know who I was
and then you appeared to me
it’s funny what love does

You helped turn off the pause
that this life has been stuck on
I’m not sure how to thank someone
when I look at how much they’ve done

You keep my soul together
you are the one that sets me free
you’re the one sets my soul on fire
you will forever be with me


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