Moving on

I hear you’re moving up north
And I’m sad to see you go
But feelings I’ve always felt
Are feelings you’ll never know

It’s crazy how we lost touch
Not as close as we used to be
But no matter how close we came
There’s something you’ll never see

Here you are packing up
For a brand new start
But there’s still one thing left behind
That’s the piece of this heart

I know that it doesn’t belong
Cause it stays right here with me
That the time it went with you
Is one place it will never be

You’ll never get to hear about
What I feel for you
There’s nothing you can really say
That will change what I say or do

So here I am waving bye
To the best friend I ever had
Wishing my heart wasn’t aching
And it wasn’t hurting so bad

I know things are in the past
What we have is no more
And that when one door closes
It opens another door

But with you leaving now
Even if we stay in touch
You’ll never get to know
How you meant so much

But I’m glad we’ll stay in touch
Although it won’t feel the same
But I know down deep inside
My heart isn’t your’s to claim

I will never ever talk about
What I felt for you
And there’s nothing anyone can really say
That will change the past between us two


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