Picture Perfect Love

I have so many things
Going through my mind
But what I supposed to do
When you’re the one I wanna find

Things been feeling oh so good
Like I’ve known you for eternity
You really do take the time
To see everything that I can be

My days have gotten brighter
Especially when I’m with you
But even if we just met
It feels familiar between us two

I know my mind is telling me
To step back and let him go
But my heart is afraid to say goodbye
To a love that I would never know

I know I should worry more
About what could happen to me
But the more I think about it
This is where I want to be

I wanna be in your arms
Staring into your eyes
Not thinking about anything
Or looking at other guys

You are the one for me
I can feel it in your touch
I can tell by the way you kiss
How you love me oh so much

I don’t wanna end this chapter
I’m not ready to end this scene
I just wanna take a chance with you
Here, there, and everywhere in between


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