The Most Important Things

You tell yourself what’s important
there’s so much more for you to miss
but don’t ever forget there’s more to life
so much more to life then this

Life’s not about those fancy cars
or about trying to make it rich
it should be about the smaller things
All the people that you’ll miss

There’s always a few people in your life
You wish you had the time to see
one more day to spend with them
is what the treasure should really be

The job that took so long to get
sooner or later your bound to leave
but the family and friends you have
your fates are bound to interweave

It’s not about which car you drive
or the the house that you live in
the real meaning of life can be found
in people who care how you’ve been

You always have family and friends
and that’s what it should be about
it’s not about the fancy things
because those you can live without

The truth is out there if you look
and its right in front of you
the only thing that you truly need
is the people that love you

Those fancy cars will soon break
and that house is bound to fall
the treasure that you should cherish
is found between life’s halls


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