The Strangers i’ll never know

I was sitting in a diner
just finishing up my meal
I go and pay the waitress
Then back behind the wheel

Driving down this old dirt road
listening to the radio in my truck
thinking about the past few weeks
and how i’m running out of luck

But not too far along the way
I noticed my tire had went flat
and my gas was hitting empty soon
thinking can things be worst than that?

As I made my way to a small little town
couldn’t wait to fill up on gas
wishing that this nagging feeling
would soon hurry up and pass

I have this feeling deep inside
like something’s just not right
but I’m holding back the darkness
and holding onto the glimmer of light

As I passed this family in town
they were frail and oh so weak
I could tell by the look in their eyes
that their future was looking bleak

I’m finally ready to head on out
when my tank was finally full
thinking about what I saw
my life didn’t seem that cruel

I try to think about what I saw
and to never let it go
cause my life is never as bad
as the strangers i’ll never know


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