Time is of the Essence

(few lines were inspired by Galavant and Doctor Who)

Why is it that you can’t tell
How much it is that I love you
Can’t you see the passion in my eyes
Can’t you see how much I do

I wish I could change the past
Take back what has been done
Restart the clock on this heart
Before I thought you were the one

But time can not be rewritten
The past stays in the past
But why can’t I let go you
This day should be my last

This clock has been stuck here
For as long as I can recall
Ever since the day I met you
And my heart began to fall

But ever since that day
My heart keeps on falling
But I keep wishing to take
Back the day I let you in

Why does it get the best of me
No matter if you go or stay
Time is of the essence
It’s time for me to get my way


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