You are Who You Are

(In honor of LGBT Pride)

Now it might feel like there’s
No one else quite like you
Like no one will understand
What you’re going through

But you would be surprised to hear
That I’ve been in your shoes
And no matter what life throws at you
I won’t let you lose

Everyone may say it gets better
But that’s only if you try
So here’s to the life you have
And for all the reasons why

Here’s to all the people who
love every little thing you do
And everything that you teach
cause of what you’ve been through

So many of our stories
Can teach people we don’t know
About the fight that we fought
And how it helped us grow

So we can’t forget about the future
How far our stories can reach
About the feeling that you get
When you learn about what you teach

Here’s to all the threads of fate
No matter how thin they are
Because we are all connected
No matter who we are


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