Will I meet you someday

Here I am sitting on the porch
with a coke in my hand
staring at the bright blue sky
and a wonderful piece of land

Watching the cars drive on by
and the store down the street
wondering when you and I
will get the chance to meet

Will it be at the movies
when i’m standing in the line
will I ever be able to
for once call you mine

Life is all around us
all we have to do is look
we never find what we looking for
with our nose stuck in a book

I can’t just stand around
and watch the time fly by
if I wanna meet you someday
for once I have to get up and try

Maybe i’ll find you in the coffee shop
when i’m buying a cup to go
where will we ever meet
that’s one thing i’d never know

I wish I had the answers
to the questions deep inside
when will my heart get to feel
feelings that have been denied


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