The Crossroads of our Souls

I was standing at the crossroads
staring at the choices ahead of me
but what if one day my mind’s thinking
was this the way it’s supposed to be

Our life is filled with so many choices
which lead us down so many roads
we can try so hard to walk them all
but you can’t trust what you been told

Everyone tells you that
you can try your best
but no matter what you try to do
you just give your feet a rest

You can’t keep trying to be
everything you come across
or you’ll just find yourself
walking around and feeling lost

I might not become an actor
or design a pair of shoes
I might not be an astronaut
or learn to play the blues

We weren’t all meant to play the part
all of us have our own roles
just gotta figure out where we stand
and learn to read what’s in our souls


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