The Never Ending Road

We all have a reason
to be who we are
it shows the whole world
why we’re a shining star

Some live for the simple life
others meant for something more
and the reason we have for living
is to see what the future has in store

but life is not always about
where in life you are headed
it’s the pitstops along the way
and the wisdom you’ve been imbeded

Everyone’s path maybe different
but somehow it’s all the same
we are all still playing life
which is all the same ole game

Everyone is out there searching
for a place to call their own
whereever that may lead them
whatever feels like home

Home might be the finish line
but it doesn’t always end there
there will always be another race
you just never know where

The tires keep on rolling
the engine is stuck on go
you never know where life leads
only time will know


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