Smashing the Mirror

When the tears on our face
Don’t show in our reflection
And the pain in our eyes
Hides behind another emotion

We choose what we show
And we hide what we want
The things that we feel
And the things we don’t

Not every single mirror
Will reveal what you see
Cause there are some secrets
That only I can see

When the pain is too real
And we’re afraid to break
We all put up a wall
No matter what it takes

But this mirror that you see
Is just some perfect illusion
Cause i’d rather seem happy
Then any other emotion

Amidst all of the darkness
And behind all the lies
Are the stories of when
pain found it’s way inside

But this mirror must now break
And this wall must come down
Cause there’s more to me
That could ever be found

There’s so many faces
That you never saw
So it’s time to show them all
No matter how raw


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