The Beat of Another Life

How does one let someone new in
That would turn their life around
When the life that they always lived
Is playing the same old song

When you’re living for yourself
Everything comes down to you
But when your life turns around
You never know what you’ll do

My heart keeps wanting to feel
Yet I grab it before it does
So afraid to see what life will be
Cause I want to keep it like it was

Fear has it’s own way
So afraid of the change
But change can be better
Even if it feels strange

I might sound a little selfish
To want to keep life like it is
But this is the only life I know
But can it be better then this

You walked into this life of mine
Can I trust you with my heart
Cause I’m afraid to see how life will be
If our love was ever torn apart

Fear has a way of binding us
To the life we’ve always lived
Never letting us fully experience
The love thats been deprived

Sometimes we must take a chance
Not knowing where it may lead
Because it might just lead us to
Where we were meant to be


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