Let Them Go

As much as I want to hold on
to the love between us two
I know what needs to be done
What it’s time for me to do

Its time for me to step aside
For you to be on your way
Cause you were never meant for me
I’m not here to stay

I can see that everywhere
There’s love in every look
But I can’t help but realize
All these feelings I mistook

Cause you were meant for someone else
And my arms aren’t yours to hold
Time for us to part our ways
And for my heart to let you go

When you truly love someone
It’s sometimes best to let them go
Cause in my eyes I can tell
How much they love you so

You can’t force what’s not meant to be
Cause love always finds it’s way
So here’s to what the future holds
Even if it’s not with you today


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