Why must Our love be this Hard?

I know how much I love him
And how much he means to me
but why must our love be this hard
Why can’t he just let it be

Just for once I wish I could
Step into his shoes and see
What’s it like to be like him
View the world so differently

What we have between us two
It’s not like any i’ve had before
But why am I thinking now
is this love worth fighting for

Why does our love feel like a puzzle piece
That can’t ever seem to fit
It’s like the harder we try to be together
Feels more like a hit or miss

Love is never supposed to be this hard
So is what we have truly love
I don’t want to give up on us
He’s not one I want to get rid of

But this road that i’m on
It’s not gonna get any easier
So is this person in my life
My heart’s one and only keeper?


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