Are you the Partner to my Dance?

What if I was the one
That you’ve been waiting for
Would you take a chance with me
To see what life has in store

Would you be able to
Hold all your feelings in
Instead of finding out
What might have been

So many people come
In and out our lives
But I might be one of them
That’ll never leave your side

I know it might be different
Having someone stand by you
But listen to what you feel
In choosing what to do

I know it might be scary
Not knowing what is real
But if you don’t take a risk in life
You’ll never know how you feel

So many people hold it in
Don’t wanna take a leap of faith
So they just find themselves
Sitting on the side to wait

But maybe I am the one
Waiting on the side
Maybe it’s up to me
To see how you feel inside

I should just listen
To my own advice
Otherwise I won’t ever know
If you’re part of my life

I was one of those people
Afraid to take a chance
Now look what I’ve become
A partner to your dance


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