So Many Miles I Must Walk

I’ve been on this path for so long
Never knowing where I’m headed
Cause all the signs look the same
Not knowing where I’m being lead

But all this time I’ve been searching
Never knowing about this road I’m on
But It’s the road thats worth walking
Even though I sometimes feel alone

Every breath gives me life
And every step makes me stronger
My soul has found it’s journey
There’s no point for me to wander

So many miles in my past
But now I’ve found my way
No longer will I wonder
Cause this path I will not stray

My journey is just beginning
And I finally found my place
So I must keep on walking
There’s a dream I must chase

I know the dream is out there
And it’s not an easy one to reach
But I know it’s worth the walk
Cause there’s a lesson to teach

We all have our own paths
Our own unique destiny
So much we need to learn
And so much we need to see


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