The Price I Won’t Pay

It sometimes seems every thing in life
Comes with a hidden price that I must pay
Why must I have to sell my soul to get what I want
What happened to the dreams I dreamed today

These dreams aren’t worth dreaming
When they’re tarnished by rules I must obey
How can I ever learn to change the way life is
Will I ever live life my own way

I’m not looking to change who I was meant to be
I’m not trying to make you love me
I just want to take the words hidden in my heart
and show you there’s so much to see

I’ve got so many stories in this heart
But none would reach your ears
What must I do to let the world see
What’s hidden behind my fears

So many voices in this world go unheard
So many stories that were never told
What must I do to change the ways
It’s time for me to break the mold


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