The Path less Traveled

I’m standing at the crossroads
Don’t know which path to take
Afraid to take the one I want
What if that’s my biggest mistake?

Maybe the one I been walking
Is leading to nowhere
What if I’m meant for more
Somewhere out there

Why is it so hard to stop walking
When you’re so used to the view
Even when the other path can lead to
A different side of you

This path got me going in circles
And I’m so afraid to stray
But what if the choice I’ve made
Is keeping me from finding my way

I’ve always heard the best road
Was the one less traveled
But why am I so afraid that choice
Will cause my life to unravel

Why is it so hard to stop walking
And to look from a different view
Why are we so afraid of what may come
If we walked the path we never knew

It’s time for me to take the chance
And go down a different road
No longer will I let my fear
Continue to have this hold

When you’re afraid to take that step
Cause you don’t know where life will go
You might end up being the one that’s
Holding you back when you need to grow

So It’s time for me to start walking
And see things from a different view
Who knows what may come my way
If I walk the path I never knew


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