The Story of my Life

So many times i’ve wondered about the story
About how my life will one day turn out
I’m so ready to skip all of the chapters
And finally see what the ending is all about

But the ending is not really that important
If you don’t know the journey that you’ve been through
Cause the most important part of your story
Is all the chapters and what they done to you

Without every character that you’ve ever meet
You wouldnt be the person you will be one day
Cause each and every person that you ever meet
Becomes a part of what you will be someday

Some of them might be in your life forever
While others might just come and then go
But no matter how long they are with you
They affect you in ways that you’ll never know

There are so many faces that you havent met
And there are so many places you have yet to see
But if you skip too far ahead in time
You might not be who you were meant to be


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