Endless Love

(I think this was inspired by Beauty and the Beast)

How does the moment’s last forever
When time itself is so fleeting
When you and me are here together
Time stands still in every meeting

There are days that just fly on by
Like when you are no where near me
But the moments always feel so endless
When you’re by my side time’s set free

You have a way of stopping time
It’s like the rain just stops falling
I’m trapped in your warm embrace
With the love your heart is calling

What have you done to my heart
How did you put this spell on me
These moments never lasted forever
But now i’m not ready to let go of thee

Time has always passed so quickly
But you found a way to make it stand still
Can you cast this spell on me forever
Cause i’ll gladly stay, if you will

Cause you have a way of making time
Stand still every time you come around
What spell have you cast on me
Is this what happens when true love is found

I don’t want to go back to those days
Of watching the time tick on by
I wish to be with you forever
Will you love me till the end of time?


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