Karma has a way of finding You

I watch as you make your way through
The same ole crowd you seem to find
But sooner or later the past will catch up to you
And break the silence you’ve created in your mind

We all have demons that we must one day fight
Sometimes the only ones are the one that we make
But you’ll soon or later realize
It’s because of all the wrong paths that you take

It’s time for you to finally face your fate
Cause you’ve been running for way too long
And no matter how far it is, you seem to run
There’s no fight you cannot win, no matter how strong

You have hurt so many people in your life
You’ve been down paths you never should have took
And now there’s only one way for this to end
There’s only one way to end this book

Karma is just like a double edged sword
The more you hurt is given back to you
So when you hurt the people that you’ve met
It’s only natural that it will hurt you too

So this fight has been a long time coming
And you’re fates finally caught up to you
So just stop running and take the blow
And just give the devil it’s due


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