Tell Me the Truth

Here I am waiting on you
Why won’t you just tell me the truth
The time keeps on passing by
between me and you

I’ve been waiting for you too long
How long will I need to be strong
Will I ever learn the truth
Cause I don’t know where I belong

Has enough time been good for you
Does it help you know what to do
When will time help you figure out
About what I really mean to you

When will the truth finally come out
What is our future really about
Are we two hearts that beat as one
When will the words slip out your mouth

It feels like i’ve been waiting forever
Is our love truly there
If i’m not worth keeping around
Then I’m no longer your’s to bare

Cause this heart has been stuck for too long
And I’m tired of playing the same song
So let me put my heart to rest
Cause you are no longer my best


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