The True Hero

There’s a hero inside all of us
There’s a story to be told
Some are the grandest stories
Other’s have stories yet untold

We each have a reason to be
A reason that we are here
A place to find out who we are
And reasons behind every fear

The smallest fears that we hold
Can create the mightiest virtues
They all create what we are about
And keep our character’s true

Sometimes we can get so lost
in creating our own story
we forget to just live life
and to just let it be

Cause some of the best stories
Are created when we just learn to live
Cause some of the best moments we can’t make
It’s built in the compassion we give

That’s what it should be all about
Because thats one thing you can’t fake
No matter what journey one may walk
Love is found in every path you take

You can fight the mightiest beast
Or you can conquer the strangest fear
But when it comes down to life and death
It’s all about what we hold dear


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