So Much Better then a Trophy

Every time I’m with someone like you
I feel like a trophy for your case
What must I do to make you see
And teach you to appreciate

I’m not just that person you can call
And take out when you can
I’m so much more important then
A person to hold your hand

I could be so much more
If only you took the time
But you’re not lucky enough
To ever hold this heart of mine

I could be that person
That holds your heart in place
But you never really take the time
To help keep my own safe

It’s never about what I can do
Or what you can do for me
It’s all the things that we can do
And what we can really be

If only you really knew
How to appreciate what is
Can our life and love truly be
Better then all of this

But here I am ending this
Time for me to take this trophy out your case
Cause I can do so much better
One day I’ll find my place



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