This is inspired by the tv show “Angel”

So many centuries have gone by
Since I was brought into the dark
Ever since that eventful night
When I was branded by the mark

And then a group of gypsies
Somehow cursed me with a soul
Ever since that day I tried to fill
A neverending hole

I never really tried to change my ways
Or find a way to heal
And then one girl changed it all
And taught me how to feel

I’ve learned to be the better man
Even when we parted ways
And found a purpose in LA
As I pass along my days

But now i’m living as an angel
Without a halo on my head
Trying to live the better life
Without any blood to be fed

So many demons I have slain
Yet there’s still the one left inside
But i’ve learned how to tame the beast
And find my peace of mind


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