The Price of Living

This is what happens
When you’re shaken to the core
Never in your life have you found
What you been looking for

So many times in your life
You thought you found your way
But the next time, you find yourself
Barely living another day

Why can’t I ever find my home
Exactly where I’m supposed to be
I’m so tired of wasting all my time
Searching for the key

There’s this part that I know
It’s ready to be found
And I’m not getting any younger
Exploring the same old town

Sometimes you might find
That the key to your soul
Can only be found
If you’re not scared to pay the toll

Cause sometimes the only way
To get ahead in your life
Is to take a chance and not be afraid
To go and pay the price

Cause some are worth paying
As long as you stay true to who you are
Don’t ever let life change you
And remember what you’re living for


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