The Unspoken Words

As I lay in bed one sleepless night
So many thoughts rush through my head
The days and nights filled with regret
Of the things I wish I said

I wish I got the chance to tell you
All those things that I wanted to
About how much you really meant to me
God I really hope you knew

All those thoughts floated back to me
They were like an answer to my prayer
All those wonderful memories of us
Proved you knew how much I cared

But memories can only do so much
When the words just never came out
They have a way of reminding us about
What love’s truly all about

It’s not in the words that leave our lips
It’s the unspoken one’s from our heart
The truest of love we don’t need to say
Cause we feel it wherever we are

There’s so much pressure saying three little words
We somehow get lost in what we’re trying to say
But we need to learn to accept the fact
Love can be shown in the simplest way


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