No Longer my Sentence to Bare

There was always something about us
Something just didn’t feel right
All of the conversations we had
Kept turning into another fight

We kept trying to make it work
But we each have our own point of view
And no matter how hard you try
I won’t fall back in love with you

So many hurtful things were said
So much things you can’t take back
You don’t know how much you hurt me
And my heart’s bound to crack

So now I’m ready to escape my cell
It was no longer my sentence to keep
But you tried to push me back in
when i was ready take the leap

Who knew my defences could be so strong
Never realized how fast they could be built
Till you tried to break me down
And it shown the strength I was dealt

I’ve now learned how to stand my ground
And my will is as thick is steel
You will never ever break this heart
Or get my heart to feel

This person who was once a slave
To a love that wasn’t meant to be
Has found the strength deep inside
to finally break free


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