Time to Collect My Chips

I’ve been through hell and back
I’ve walked through the house of sin
Never knew how long it will be
Or if i’ll ever go back again

I’ve fought the same ole demons
And I’ve put the poison to my lips
More times than I could even name
But it’s time for me to collect my chips

The house has won too many times
Why must I be back here once again
how far must I fall to my knees
before my luck finally begins

I’ve seen the worst of times
And I’ve seen the battle I was afraid to start
But now I’m seeing how strong I can be
In this never ending war

This is the last time you will see me
Just break down and give in
Cause I’m tired of becoming the slave
To a house that never wins

My cards have been dealt
But I have the better hand
No more will I let myself turn into
A shell of who I am


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