Once Upon a Time The Savior

Inspired by the first 6 seasons of Once upon a Time and the story of Emma Swan!

My parents had to give me up
When the dark curse was cast
And I’ve always felt so alone in life
Cause I barely remembered my past

They had to do the worst thing
To give me a better chance
But I missed out on so many moments
Like my father daughter dance

When you are trying to grow up
And your family isn’t there
How can you feel like you’re important
If you feel like no one cares

I had to go and find my strength
Even if I felt so alone
To figure out just who I was
and the hero I’ve never known

I was born out of the true love
And I was made to fulfill a prophecy
Who knew that I was born to break
A curse I couldn’t see

But the prophecy has been fulfilled
Played the role I was born to play
But now I’m where I’m meant to be
And in storybrooke I shall stay

Cause now I finally found the place
A place I can call my home
Surrounded by family and friends
Now that I came into my own

But the last six years have taught me
That one should never give up hope
Cause friends and family will be there for you
When you feel like you can’t cope

My story might be ending now
But a new journey’s about to begin
Here’s to what the future holds
From now and to then

The future might be uncertain
Not sure where it will go
But the story is worth telling
This much I know



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