The Tree of Life

I was just a sapling
But I was born to be a mighty tree
I needed the breath of life
When will that come to me

My root’s were just beginning
They haven’t had the chance to branch out
Only time will tell where life will lead
When I’m free from all my doubt

My tree could be so overflowing
With so much fruit to bare
If only my bark wasn’t drenched with
Sap that’s full of fear

Somehow my bark has been reborn
No longer covered with deadly sap
This sapling has found it’s place
On this world’s great map

I was so young back then
But I had so much time to grow
Life’s been so good to me
Who knew how far my roots would go

This tree is now so much bigger
Then I thought it could ever get
But the journey isn’t over
You haven’t seen anything yet

I still have so much more to grow
I still have so much more to see
I always knew that one day
I could grow into a mighty tree


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