The Evil Queen (OUaT)

Inspired by The Evil Queen aka Regina Mills from Once Upon a Time

I did the darkest of deeds
I hurt anyone I please
I had your heart in my hand
No you can’t understand

My past was dark and bleak
Your life is what I seeked
So tired of the secret you told
You helped create this mold

Ya this evil queen has been born
All your happy endings will be torn
With this dark curse I will cast
So cherish this moment it’s your last

Now we traveled to this little town
And you’re trapped in misery
But there’s no way out for you
With no happiness to see

But this curse feels like a cell
Maybe you’re not the only one trapped
I’m now stuck in my own version of hell
Unable to adapt

But the light is slowly shining in
Maybe I’m not that evil anymore
This evil queen is calming down
Found a family worth fighting for

The person that once created the mold
Somehow shown me the way
That I can be so much more
Then who was created that day

I finally found the hero hiding inside
And banished away the darkness
Who knows why love was denied
Why she always was so heartless

But the light has been shown
And I’m not that evil anymore
This evil queen has calmed down
Found something worth fighting for

Something worth fighting for


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