The Voice Within

Society always has a way of telling you
You gotta be what they expect
When you’re trying to live your own life
And all you want is a little respect

Why must you have to change
Everything that you believe in
Just to get some satisfaction
So they aren’t the one that wins

So many rules that we must learn to live by
When you’re the one that should make the rules
No we shouldn’t learn how to adapt
So we don’t end up looking like fools

A change should never be forced on you
It should always one’s choice
Never ever let someone take that away
Cause you should always use your voice

Your voice should never be compromised
Cause it’s part of who you are
If you let someone take that away from you
It might keep you from going so far

Cause there is so much out there waiting
And a future to be found
But you will never reach your destination
With your voice not making a sound


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