Time to Set Sail

You won’t ever be able to reach your dream
If you’re too scared to take a risk
Sometimes you need a leap of faith
And maybe just one tiny push

If you’re hoping to fly and reach the sky
You can’t be afraid to take a fall
Cause for every time you get back up
Is one step closer till you have it all

If you really want what you seek
And it’s there right in front of you
Then go ahead and show me now
What you are determined to do

With all of the energy you been using
To prove just how quickly you can fail
It can always be put to a better use
It can be the wind to your sails

So take a chance and get on in
And make your way for the horizon
See the world and the unknown
You never know what you might find

You might be the mightiest hero
The greatest story ever told
But until you let go and take a chance
That’s a story that’s left untold

Are you ready to see what’s out there
And to see what the future holds
So let’s set sail and you might make
The greatest story ever told


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