Leaving Nothing but a Memory

What if your whole life could turn out different
What if everything you wanted could come true
Maybe everything in your life might change now
Maybe the best things are finally coming to you

I been wishing all my life for this moment
This moment all my dreams were made of
And now that I found just what I’ve been searching for
I’m gonna learn how to just live and love

I’m gonna go ahead and take a chance on living
I’m not going to let my fear hold me back no more
Cause this life that was once pushed aside
Has finally found something worth living for

I always thought that I would be the reason
The reason for my life to start again
But now that I found a passion worth pursuing
I’ve found a reason for my life to begin

When your heart goes searching down every single road
And you’re Just trying to find a reason for you to live on
You’re always searching for something to hold on to
To prove you’re still gonna be here when you’re gone

We are always searching for that kind of memory
To help us feel like we made a difference to this place
Hoping that when we finally meet our makers one day
We will learn how we’re a memory they can’t erase

Cause memories are what keeps all of us alive
They remind us of all the days and how we lived
So cherish every memory no matter how small
Cause one day it will be nothing but your memory


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