Our Own Sense of Glory

We’re always trying to live everyday
Just trying to live by our own design
With every stitch we make our own way
Always worrying if we walk the right line

But we each bring our own little something
We all add a little piece to the story
Yet we keep trying to find a way to fit in
Creating a mold that destroys our sense of glory

You know glory is only worth having
If you learn to live life your own way
Cause what’s the point of reaching your dreams
When you have a price that you must pay

We shouldn’t fight to find what makes everyone happy
We should learn to appreciate exactly who we are
Cause there’s so much more out there waiting
And we are the only one worth living for

So it’s time to find your own sense of glory
It’s time to create the hero we were born to play
Cause the only battle that we were meant to fight
Is the one that creates the hero you will be someday


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