Love Is My Weakness

I was always so strong and independent
But I have too many flaws to even name
But I kept playing the same role I was given
Cause I was too afraid to lose the game

There’s so many choices for me to make
So many ways for it to turn out wrong
And I’m so tired of ending up the loser
That I’d rather come off being strong

Because love, love is my weakness
The constant battle with the warrior deep within
When you come around me my shields begin to break down
And my defeat it’s my only sin

But now I found a way of being someone
The person I was always so scared to be
I always wondered if anyone could really ever see
The person that was hiding deep inside of me

But now you snuck your way past everything I had
You walked through the land mines inside my heart
And you found the beauty waiting to be found
Where I thought love would only tear it apart

But now love, love has become my only strength
The constant battle is now finally over
And these shields that I was so afraid were falling
Are now letting in my persistent lover


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