Smoke and Mirrors

You came into my life
And tricked me into believing
How I could I believe the words you said
When you were so decieving

You worked your magic on me
I was so quick to fall
With every lie you told me
I would give you my all

But the illusion is slowly fading
I’m seeing past all your lies
I’ve found out how to get wiser
No longer will you trick me with your eyes

Now I’m breaking through the mirror
And seeing you for what you are
No longer will I be blinded by
Your undeserving heart

Cause I found out that your love
Is just smoke and mirrors
Why did I fall so easily
When ever you came near

You somehow mystified my heart
And hypnotized me with your stare
But you never truly loved me
You never really cared

But the mirror is now broken
And everything is clear as day
No longer will I be tricked by
All the lies that you’d say


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