What’s the Price of Winning?

I don’t wanna win
When it’s all about winning
I just wanna try
Cause it’s all about living

You can build me a mansion
Or give me lots of money
But i’d rather a tour around the world
With so many places to see

Cause if i’m gonna die one day
I want to make sure that i lived
Cause there’s no point of living
If all I did was hide

There’s so many things in this world
If only we took the time to see
Instead of hiding inside our walls
And be the richest we can be

Cause life is not about the riches
It’s about who and what we become
And all the journeys that we take
And all the trials we overcome

The money isnt what teaches us
It’s the journey that keeps us true
It has a way of showing us
Things we never knew we could do

So learn to put down your fancy things
And everything you keep working toward
And appreciate all of the simplest things
Cause there’s so much to live for


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