So many people going through life
Every week just like the last
Will my life get any better this
How is it passing by so fast

We try so hard to find ourselves
But we’re afraid to take the risk
A risk that could change it all
No matter how hard we wish

What’s the point of wishing
For everything to change
When you become so scared to see
Your whole life rearranged

A part of you loves your life
Exactly how it is
While the other is hoping one day
It will become much more then this

We all live in our own small worlds
But we are so afraid that they will break
We live ourself as dreamers
With dreams we’re afraid to make

One day the dreamers will have to wake
Cause you can only dream so long
It’s time for reality to sink in
Are you ready to be strong

So which part will you play
When you awake from your nap
Are you going to be the sleepwalker
Or the one dreams ready to grab


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