Waited for You

Inspired by Season 10 finale of Doctor Who

As I traveled the world with you
Something pierced my heart
Then the whole world around me
Began to slowly fall apart

And you told me to hold on and wait
But time went be so fast
I tried so hard to wait
Not sure how long I could last
But I waited for you

You and me were at
Different ends of time
Not sure if you were coming
If I was there for you to find
But I kept waiting for you

For so long I watched you
So close and yet so far
When the trust I had was there
But my heart was at war
Were you worth waiting for

When time finally caught up
I wondered if I was good enough
Cause time has took it’s toll
Was I still there for you to hold

I have changed but still the same
Can you really see who I am
Have you finally come to save this soul
I’m tired of feeling so cold

Cause I waited for you
Always waited for you
I never gave up
Waiting for you


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