All through our life
We have people telling us how to be
What does love mean to us
And how to act in society

But how can you live your life
When you can’t trust in love tonight
How could you not be who you are
Whenever who you are feels right

When people keep telling you
What you should say and who you love
What’s the point of living when
They tell you what you’re living for

You should be the only one
That has a say in how you feel
Cause you’re the only one that can tell
What in your life feel’s real

Cause it’s your own life you’re living
So they can’t tell you how to act
You’ve got to stand up to them
Trust the one’s that have your back

When it comes to how you love
Your heart’s the only one who makes the rules
It’s all about how you feel
And the heartstring’s that it pulls


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