The Light to banish the Darkness

(Inspired by Rumple and Belle)

There was a time when all I saw
Was the darkness around my heart
Never expecting to find the light
With so much pain tearing me apart

I’ve been facing my fears for so long
With no one there to have my back
Who knew life would turn out this way
With my heart always under attack

Till you came in and shown me the way
You brought light to the darkest soul
I never expected that you would stay
That you would fill this empty hole

But you came into this life of mine
And promised you’d never leave
Why was I always so scared to admit that
I carry my heart on my sleeve

My burdens have been weighting me down
Another chip in this armor of mine
Who knew you could fix me up
Who knew you could make me shine

What have you done to someone like me
How could you heal me with such ease
I thought I would be forever broken
And you’d be so quick to leave

But you stayed with me till the end
Our love was timeless as can be
You helped push away the darkness
And helped find the light inside of me


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