People can suprise you

I finally did what was needed
Finally took that baby step
And my parents finally know now
About the secret that I kept

I always thought about it
Figured it would be so far away
That this day would never come
And id keep pushing it away

But i guess people can surprise you
And love you for who you are
And how the person deep inside
Can stop hiding behind the bars

My mind always thought the worst
Afraid they won’t accept who I am
And I would feel so alone then
That they will never understand

I guess that shows you to never
Judge the people that you know
Because they can always have
Another side of them to show

But i guess people can surprise you
And love you for who you are
And how the person deep inside
Can stop hiding behind the bars

I never thought I would feel so free
In this world so soon
I was always afraid that I would be
Like the man on the moon

Something you keep trying to grab
But can only only look from afar
Like trying to make a wish and then
Trying to catch a falling star

But i guess people can surprise you
And love you for who you are
And how the person deep inside
Can stop hiding behind the bars

You put my mind at Ease

My world could come crashing down
No future left to live
But somehow you give me everything
That you could ever give

My life could feel so empty
Yet you find something there
Nothing that I can see in me
Like you pull it from nowhere

You hold me together
And help keep me sane
Somehow you keep me grounded
And protect me from all the pain

My body could be trembling
And yet you keep it still
You show the peace to me
What’s hiding behind the hill

I can feel so confused
Don’t know where to go
There you are to remind me
About what I should know

You hold me together
You help keep me sane
Somehow you keep me grounded
And protect me from all the pain

My heart can be hurting
But you find a way to heal
My mind can be racing
But you help get behind the wheel

You don’t know what you do to me
But you help to pass the days
I cannot put my finger on it
How you help in so many ways

How do you hold me together
How do you keep me sane
Somehow you keep me grounded
And protect me from all the pain

The role not taken

Things are always complicated
When living the life I’m in
Playing the role I’ve chosen
And the person hiding within

It’s hard to keep them separate
When they are practically the same
But I know down deep in side
That I’m the only one to blame

My fear and insecurities are
What’s keeping me from letting go
Need to stop worrying about it all
And who in the world will know

I’m tired of keeping a straight face
While inside the mask is turned
I need to stop living the lie
To see the role I have yearned

Be who you were meant to be

Why does it feel like sometimes
The life we live is not our own
Like we are not our own masters
we’re like a slave to our home

We always have this saying
Be who ever you want to be
why does it feel like sometimes
We hold back from what you see

It’s like we are never truly free
Like there’s a part we have to play
Always worried about how society feels
And less about how I want to live today

I know we shouldn’t feel this way
But it’s my burden that I bare
To care less about my own self
And more worried if they care

Tempted to look ahead

Always thought I would never find it
That one person to make me change
Who would send me to places
Where my heart would feel so strange

Where the hell did you come from
Where the hell have you been
so many times in this life of mine
I could have used you way back then

We only met a few weeks ago
But by Monday I knew you like a book
I was hoping I would be in each chapter
At the end I was tempted to look

I’m ready to skim the pages
life’s script I’m ready to view
I’m hoping there’s more between us
hope there’s more to me and you

The eye of the beholder

It seems to me that everyone
Has a part they’d like to hide
But it’s this part that makes us true
To the person we are inside

We cannot pick and choose
Who it is we want to be
We gotta accept every piece of us
Even the flaws we’re afraid to see

Sometimes the piece you try to hide
Is what someone has been looking for
So open yourself up to the world
And see what life has in store

The Chains that Bind

So many chains have been formed
yet how strong is the bond
How much till they break
And how easy are they to mend

We are all looking to connect
Yet we are so quick to just let go
How are we supposed to figure out
When we don’t give them time to grow

The things we want take time
But we never let them take form
So if we leave before their done
It does so much greater harm


Full Circle

I’ve started this path long ago
But there was so much I didn’t know
I questioned my direction
unsure of where I should go

But with every step that I took
And with every path I walked
I’ve learned about the secrets
And how they became unlocked

I guess you could say
Life is like a circle
As you try to pass all the tests
And jump all the hurdles

But every journey in your life
That you find yourself on
There’s still so much out there waiting
For you to one day learn

And with everything you learn
No matter what you go through
No matter where life lead’s you
It’s a part of everything you do

I guess you could say
Life is like a circle
As you try to pass all the tests
And jump all the hurdles

But I’m coming to the end now
This journey’s almost over
I’ve come so far from where I started
It’s time for my destiny to take over

Who knew where life would end
Who knew would it would take me
But I’ve learned so much now
And who I could always be

I guess you could say
That I’ve come full circle
I’ve passed every test
And jumped every hurdle

Love Is My Weakness

I was always so strong and independent
And I have way too many flaws to even name
But I kept playing the same role that I was given
Cause I was just too afraid to lose the game

There’s so many choices for me to make
And so many ways for it to turn out wrong
And I’m so tired of ending up a loser
That I’d rather come off being strong

Because love, love is my weakness
The constant battle with the warrior deep within
When you come around me my shields begin to break
And my defeat is my only sin

But now I found a way of being someone
The person I was always afraid to be
I always wondered if anyone could really ever see
The person that was hiding deep inside of me

But now you snuck your way past everything I had
You walked through the land mines inside my heart
And you found the beauty waiting to be found
Where I thought love would only tear it apart

But now love, love has become my only strength
The constant battle is now finally over
And these shields that I was so afraid were falling
Are now letting in my persistent lover

The Day I’ll Never Forget

We all need someone to be there
When we are about to break down
I wonder how long will it be
Till you finally come around

But we can’t spend our life searching
We just need to learn to relax
Cause we don’t know how long it will be
Till we find our other half

I wasn’t lucky enough to find you
You’re not in my life just yet
But when that day finally comes
It will be a day i’ll never forget

My life has been so crazy
And I’m not sure where life will go
But there is just one thing
There’s one thing that I know

One day I know I’ll find you
I know that we were meant to be
But I have learned to just live life
Till love finds it’s way to me

I wasn’t lucky enough to find you
You’re not in my life just yet
But when that day finally comes
It will be a day I’ll never forget

When you meet those certain people
The one’s that can do so much
They turn your whole world around
With everything they touch

The place that once felt lonely
Is now a little bit easier to bare
Just by knowing that you have someone
That will alway’s be there

I’m so lucky to have found you
In my life since the day we met
And now this day has finally came
It will be a day i’ll never forget

Duel Sided Hero

You were once just a shell of a man
Had so much hell that you been through
And I guess you could say that I was the same
Cause in my eyes I already knew

People are always saying that you need
To step into their shoes to tell
Just how they became just who they are
Guess that’s how I knew you so well

But by finding someone that knows you
That see’s the beauty behind the pain
They have a way of repairing the armor
And cleaning off all the stains

We all need someone for protection
But sometimes we play that same role
So don’t be afraid to show who you are
And all the hell you’ve never told

Cause behind every downed warrior
Is a hero afraid to mourn
They need to learn to just let go
Only then will they be reborn

Our Own Sense of Glory

We’re always trying to live everyday
Just trying to live by our own design
With every stitch we make our own way
Always worrying if we walk the right line

But we each bring our own little something
We all add a little piece to the story
Yet we keep trying to find a way to fit in
Creating a mold that destroys our sense of glory

You know glory is only worth having
If you learn to live life your own way
Cause what’s the point of reaching your dreams
When you have a price that you must pay

We shouldn’t fight to find what makes everyone happy
We should learn to appreciate exactly who we are
Cause there’s so much more out there waiting
And we are the only one worth living for

So it’s time to find your own sense of glory
It’s time to create the hero we were born to play
Cause the only battle that we were meant to fight
Is the one that creates the hero you will be someday

Leaving Nothing but a Memory

What if your whole life could turn out different
What if everything you wanted could come true
Maybe everything in your life might change now
Maybe the best things are finally coming to you

I been wishing all my life for this moment
This moment all my dreams were made of
And now that I found just what I’ve been searching for
I’m gonna learn how to just live and love

I’m gonna go ahead and take a chance on living
I’m not going to let my fear hold me back no more
Cause this life that was once pushed aside
Has finally found something worth living for

I always thought that I would be the reason
The reason for my life to start again
But now that I found a passion worth pursuing
I’ve found a reason for my life to begin

When your heart goes searching down every single road
And you’re Just trying to find a reason for you to live on
You’re always searching for something to hold on to
To prove you’re still gonna be here when you’re gone

We are always searching for that kind of memory
To help us feel like we made a difference to this place
Hoping that when we finally meet our makers one day
We will learn how we’re a memory they can’t erase

Cause memories are what keeps all of us alive
They remind us of all the days and how we lived
So cherish every memory no matter how small
Cause one day it will be nothing but your memory