Stand your Ground or Back Away

There times when you should stand your ground
And there times when you should back away
But hate should never be your motivation
Cause love is what’s here to stay

When you’re out there fighting for something
When you feel like something just ain’t right
There are times in this world we live in
That shouldn’t be won with a fight

Everybody has their own reasons
For standing up for what they believe in
But I think we have to look at our reasons why
Cause there’s so much more we’re needing

There’s still so much hope to be found
There’s still so many walls to tear down
Yet we keep putting more and more walls up
Just to prove we’re the ones that are tough

But there’s so much pain around us
And we never give enough time to heal
If only we’d stop and take the time
We could learn how another feels

So many people look at what makes us different
Never noticing how much we are alike
If we ever took a chance to find common ground
We would find one less day to pick a fight

Remember the next person you raise your fist too
Might be the one that could save you when you need a hand
So remove the fear that blinds your eyes
And learn how to be the better man

In Another’s Shoes

If you ever had the chance to live
In someone else’s shoes
Would you even take the chance
What do you have to lose

Well let me tell you right now
About how everything could change
How if you ever find your way back
You whole life might seem strange

Is it worth living like someone else
Just to have a little fun
When the moment you come back home
You realize everything is gone

What if the life you’ve been wanting
Is the life you never had to find
Only to go out searching for
A dream you’d rather leave behind

What if all the people that you love
Aren’t around when you come on home
Will you be able to keep on living
Even though you’re left alone

Is it worth living like someone else
Just to have a little fun
When the moment you come back home
You realize everything is gone

So we need to appreciate what is
Nothing’s better then what we’re given
Just have to do the best we can
And just keep on living

So don’t you forget to remember
Before you go out on your search
Don’t go looking for something else
Cause there’s always a catch

When you go out to find something
That you feel you’re own life lacks
You might not recognize anything
Once you find your way back


The Wish

Can I ask you now
What’s left on your list
i’ll try to do what I can
You just have to make the wish

I can give you all the things
That you’ve ever desired
All you’ve gotta go do is name them
And they’ll be acquired

If you wanted all the riches
I can give you plenty of gold
Or if you wanted endless beauty
I’d make sure you never grow old

But don’t forget to remember
Wishes don’t always work out
Cause sometimes we find that
There’s so much we can do without

Sometimes the mightiest wishes
Can stop ourselves from learning
About who we are and what we can do
And what exactly we are yearning

So I’ll ask you once again
What’s last on your list
I’ll try to do what I can
You just have to make the wish

Now here you are standing
Just the same as you were
As if the wish never passed
Like an unanswered prayer

I’m sorry this happened
I’m not sure what went wrong
Or maybe this is exactly
What you wanted all along

So I’ll ask you one last time
Did you get everything you wanted
And I’ll be so ecstatic to hear you say
No just everything I needed

Heads or Tails

You ever feel like what they see
Is a different side in society
Like it’s two sides of the same ole coin
But one side never sees the light of day

When will they get to see
Will they ever get to see the change
It’s time for me to toss it up to chance
Time to prove i’m not so strange

You’ve been reading heads for so long
But now its time to catch the tail
Will you love what you see
Even If I try and fail

We always try to show what they want
Never leaving it up to chance
Always scared of what they see
Unsure if they’ll appreciate who we are

Heads or tails time to toss it up
Never knowing how it will land
Let’s take a chance and we shall see
If you can love who I am

Chance Encounter

Sometimes we can feel so lost and so confused
Like nothing’s going the way that we hoped
Every day feels like its getting alittle worst
Not sure how much longer we can cope

So we try, try to take it day by day
But sometimes that’s just not enough, not enough
Till we find a path that leads us on our way
Fate proves to us that we are tough, we are tough

Things begin to fall right in place
Dreams I been having are making sense
I realize I was part of a grander plan
How everything’s connected by chance

All these thoughts kept coming to me
Just like a stranger in the night
But I felt so lost amidst the darkness
No way for me to find the light

But now the light has finally shown itself
Now that I realized my own destiny
No longer will I feel so alone
Cause fate has become a friend to me

Things begin to fall right in place
Dreams I been having are making sense
I realize I was part of a grander plan
How everything’s connected by chance

There was a time when I felt so alone
But now that time seem to have passed
Cause this story that I’m writing now
Is on it’s way, at last

There are so many people in this world
That are intertwined with my own fate
Only time will tell how it will end
But it will have to wait

Things finally fell right in place
Life lead me to where I am
Every chance encounter I came upon
Led me to where I stand


So many people going through life
Every week just like the last
Will my life get any better this
How is it passing by so fast

We try so hard to find ourselves
But we’re afraid to take the risk
A risk that could change it all
No matter how hard we wish

What’s the point of wishing
For everything to change
When you become so scared to see
Your whole life rearranged

A part of you loves your life
Exactly like it is
While the other is hoping one day
It will become better then this

We all live in our own small worlds
But we are so afraid that they will break
We live ourself as dreamers
With dreams we’re afraid to make

One day the dreamers will have to wake
Cause you can only dream so long
It’s time for reality to sink in
Are you ready to be strong

So which part will you play
When you awake from your nap
Are you going to be the sleepwalker
Or the one dreams ready to grab

What’s the Price of Winning?

I don’t wanna win
When it’s all about winning
I just wanna try
Cause it’s all about living

You can build me a mansion
Or give me lots of money
But i’d rather a tour around the world
With so many places to see

Cause if i’m gonna die one day
I want to make sure that i lived
Cause there’s no point of living
If all I did was hide

There’s so many things in this world
If only we took the time to see
Instead of hiding inside our walls
And be the richest we can be

Cause life is not about the riches
It’s about who and what we become
And all the journeys that we take
And all the trials we overcome

The money isnt what teaches us
It’s the journey that keeps us true
It has a way of showing us
Things we never knew we could do

So learn to put down your fancy things
And everything you keep working toward
And appreciate all of the simplest things
Cause there’s so much to live for