I’m getting up in front of the crowd
Standing in the spotlight
Singing the words on the screen
On a busy Wednesday night

The first time I got on up on that stage
My mind was racing and I was so scared
Felt my heart was beating out of my chest
And the sweat was dripping from my head

But things soon got calmer
And my heart slowed on down
The stage felt so natural to me
Like I was in my own little town

The words became easier to sing
As I sang with the melodies
The night started feeling better
Since the fun came to me with ease

Who knew i’d found myself
A place where I would belong
I never thought I could be here
Who knew I was this strong

What was once filled with fear
Has become something more
The music has become a part of me
Gives me strength I was looking for

The Wrong Role

Even when I know I belong on stage
Why am I afraid of the part I play
The role I feel I was given
Doesn’t reflect what I want to say

It’s like I’m playing the wrong role
And I’m afraid to state the fact
Instead I stand in silence
And listen to how I should act

But these lines aren’t meant for me
I’ve been slightly miscast
So it’s time for me to speak up
Tell them of the mixup at long last

Only then will I feel at home
In the role I was meant for
Will they understand that
I was meant for something more


All through our life
We have people telling us how to be
What love means to us
And how to act in society

But how can you live your life
When you can’t trust in love tonight
How could you not be who you are
Whenever who you are feels right

When people keep telling you
What you should say and who you love
What’s the point of living when
They tell you what you’re living for

You should be the only one
That has a say in how you feel
Cause you’re the only one that can tell
What in your life feel’s real

Cause it’s your own life you’re living
So they can’t tell you how to act
You’ve got to stand up to them
Trust the one’s that have your back

When it comes to how you love
Your heart’s the only one who makes the rules
It’s all about how you feel
And the heartstring’s that it pulls

Heads or Tails

You ever feel like what they see
Is a different side in society
Like it’s two sides of the same ole coin
But one side never sees the light of day

When will they get to see
Will they ever get to see the change
It’s time for me to toss it up to chance
Time to prove i’m not so strange

You’ve been reading heads for so long
But now its time to catch the tail
Will you love what you see
Even If I try and fail

We always try to show what they want
Never leaving it up to chance
Always scared of what they see
Unsure if they’ll appreciate who we are

Heads or tails time to toss it up
Never knowing how it will land
Let’s take a chance and we shall see
If you can love who I am


So many people going through life
Every week just like the last
Will my life get any better this
How is it passing by so fast

We try so hard to find ourselves
But we’re afraid to take the risk
A risk that could change it all
No matter how hard we wish

What’s the point of wishing
For everything to change
When you become so scared to see
Your whole life rearranged

A part of you loves your life
Exactly like it is
While the other is hoping one day
It will become better then this

We all live in our own small worlds
But we are so afraid that they will break
We live ourself as dreamers
With dreams we’re afraid to make

One day the dreamers will have to wake
Cause you can only dream so long
It’s time for reality to sink in
Are you ready to be strong

So which part will you play
When you awake from your nap
Are you going to be the sleepwalker
Or the one dreams ready to grab

Full Circle

I’ve started this path long ago
But there was so much I didn’t know
I questioned my direction
unsure of where I should go

But with every step that I took
And with every path I walked
I’ve learned about the secrets
And how they became unlocked

I guess you could say
Life is like a circle
As you try to pass all the tests
And jump all the hurdles

But every journey in your life
That you find yourself on
There’s still so much out there waiting
For you to one day learn

And with everything you learn
No matter what you go through
No matter where life lead’s you
It’s a part of everything you do

I guess you could say
Life is like a circle
As you try to pass all the tests
And jump all the hurdles

But I’m coming to the end now
This journey’s almost over
I’ve come so far from where I started
It’s time for my destiny to take over

Who knew where life would end
Who knew would it would take me
But I’ve learned so much now
And who I could always be

I guess you could say
That I’ve come full circle
I’ve passed every test
And jumped every hurdle

Duel Sided Hero

You were once just a shell of a man
Had so much hell that you been through
And I guess you could say that I was the same
Cause in my eyes I already knew

People are always saying that you need
To step into their shoes to tell
Just how they became just who they are
Guess that’s how I knew you so well

But by finding someone that knows you
That see’s the beauty behind the pain
They have a way of repairing the armor
And cleaning off all the stains

We all need someone for protection
But sometimes we play that same role
So don’t be afraid to show who you are
And all the hell you’ve never told

Cause behind every downed warrior
Is a hero afraid to mourn
They need to learn to just let go
Only then will they be reborn