Your Guiding Star

I’ve watched you for so long
As we walked down the same road
I’m hoping to be there to guide you
In where your life is going to go

But sometimes I can’t always be there
So this I must say to you
If you ever feel like you’re lost
This is what you must do

When you don’t know who you are
And you find you’ve lost your way
I will be your guiding star
Cause I’m here to stay

Making your way surrounded by darkness
Trying to find your inner light
Not sure where your life is going
So lost and out of sight

But look up in the sky
Cause I will always be there
I will help you find yourself
When you’re caught so unaware

When you don’t know who you are
And you find you’ve lost your way
I will be your guiding star
Cause I’m here to stay

You’ve been walking down this path
For so long you’ve felt alone
But no longer will you have to
Cause you have me here to call a home

When the world feels alittle dark
I’ll be there to make you shine
You know where you can find me
I’m where our hearts always align

When you don’t know who you are
And you find you’ve lost your way
I will be your guiding star
Cause I’m here to stay


The Side Road

So many people in the world
Always follow the main road
But as I look ahead of me
I know where my future wil go

I must take the side street
Cause it’s my own journey to take
I’ll only learn what I need to know
If I make the stops I make

Every stop along the way
Will teach me who I am
And about all of the signs
That I just can’t understand

One day I know I will arrive
Back on the main road
But for now this is my path
Until I find my own

An Unexpected Day

So many days pass on by
So many thoughts on my mind
Yet I never take the chance
To see what answers I can find

I get so lost in the endless circles
A place and time for each day
Never knowing what could be
If I didn’t always go the same way

It starts to feel like all my weeks
Are starting to look the same
And If I never break the cycle
That’s all that will remain

Sometimes it might be for the best
To change it up if you can
Cause sooner or later you will find
Yourself lost on life’s plan

But what else is out there waiting
When you never looked another way
And can you ever learn to live
In a new and unexpected day?

Stage Fright

Why do I feel so uneasy on stage
Like I’m not confortable in my own skin
Always caring about the crowd
And how I look to them

I keep trying to tell myself to stop
And just enjoy my place in the light
But something always brings me back
To the demons I must fight

The stage still feels like it’s my place
Yet I’m still trying to find my own
Searching for a way to turn this battlefield
Into a place I can call home

Home is Where the Heart is

Sometimes the hardest things in life
Is to walk an unfamiliar road
But sometimes the road we stay on
Will make us just want to fold

It’s like inside we feel trapped
by the fear of what’s unknown
Unsure of what’s ahead of us
if we can come into our own

I know this path I’m walking on
I’m safe to call it my home
But if I keep walking down this path
I’ll never push myself to grow

We learn in life what we love
But that love is not alone
We must dig deep inside of us
So we can find our home

Home is where our heart is
But this road has lost it’s way
It’s time to step out of here
I need to learn to live for today

The Path less Traveled

I’m standing at the crossroads
Don’t know which path to take
Afraid to take the one I want
What if that’s my biggest mistake?

Maybe the one I been walking
Is leading to nowhere
What if I’m meant for more
Somewhere out there

Why is it so hard to stop walking
When you’re so used to the view
Even when the other path can lead to
A different side of you

This path got me going in circles
And I’m so afraid to stray
But what if the choice I’ve made
Is keeping me from finding my way

I’ve always heard the best road
Was the one less traveled
But why am I so afraid that choice
Will cause my life to unravel

Why is it so hard to stop walking
And to look from a different view
Why are we so afraid of what may come
If we walked the path we never knew

It’s time for me to take the chance
And go down a different road
No longer will I let my fear
Continue to have this hold

When you’re afraid to take that step
Cause you don’t know where life will go
You might end up being the one that’s
Holding you back when you need to grow

So It’s time for me to start walking
And see things from a different view
Who knows what may come my way
If I walk the path I never knew

Are you the Partner to my Dance?

What if I was the one
That you’ve been waiting for
Would you take a chance with me
To see what life has in store

Would you be able to
Hold all your feelings in
Instead of finding out
What might have been

So many people come
In and out our lives
But I might be one of them
That’ll never leave your side

I know it might be different
Having someone stand by you
But listen to what you feel
In choosing what to do

I know it might be scary
Not knowing what is real
But if you don’t take a risk in life
You’ll never know how you feel

So many people hold it in
Don’t wanna take a leap of faith
So they just find themselves
Sitting on the side to wait

But maybe I am the one
Waiting on the side
Maybe it’s up to me
To see how you feel inside

I should just listen
To my own advice
Otherwise I won’t ever know
If you’re part of my life

I was one of those people
Afraid to take a chance
Now look what I’ve become
A partner to your dance