Stand your Ground or Back Away

There times when you should stand your ground
And there times when you should back away
But hate should never be your motivation
Cause love is what’s here to stay

When you’re out there fighting for something
When you feel like something just ain’t right
There are times in this world we live in
That shouldn’t be won with a fight

Everybody has their own reasons
For standing up for what they believe in
But I think we have to look at our reasons why
Cause there’s so much more we’re needing

There’s still so much hope to be found
There’s still so many walls to tear down
Yet we keep putting more and more walls up
Just to prove we’re the ones that are tough

But there’s so much pain around us
And we never give enough time to heal
If only we’d stop and take the time
We could learn how another feels

So many people look at what makes us different
Never noticing how much we are alike
If we ever took a chance to find common ground
We would find one less day to pick a fight

Remember the next person you raise your fist too
Might be the one that could save you when you need a hand
So remove the fear that blinds your eyes
And learn how to be the better man

Happy Mother’s Day

How does one really show the love to
The one that brought you into this place
There’s so many words that I can say
When we’re standing face to face

There’s so many roles
That a mom must always play
But why must we thank them
On just one single day

They always do so much for us
More then we’ll ever know
They been beside us our whole life
As we learn and grow

So here’s to a day
Out of all the rest
When we appreciate
The best of the best

But some people aren’t as lucky
To have someone like that there
But it doesn’t really mean they don’t
Have someone in their life that cares

It doesn’t always take blood to prove
That you two are family
So always appreciate the time you have
With the mother that will always be

The Final Toast

You have always been there for me
Especially at times when I needed you most
So now I’ll be here for you right now
When it’s time to give you a final toast

Here’s to the times when I was about to break down
When I felt my world was crashing around me
And I was lucky to have you at my side
Cause you helped me find the peace I couldn’t see

How was I lucky to find someone like you
Who know’s where life would be without you
And if I had to say one last goodbye
Then here’s to the best friend I ever knew

Here’s to all the ups and downs
And the crazy times that we had
And the only person who could help
Lift me up when I was angry or sad

They were the best thing I ever found
And helped change me in so many ways
So here’s to telling them goodbye
Even when I wish they could stay

United Again

So many lives have been affected
So many people are so unsure
Where is this country going
How many troubles must we endure

This country that once thrived
On being so diverse
But now we’re more divided
Surrounded with so much hurt

I feel like everywhere I look
Lives have been torn in two
Don’t know where we’re headed
And no one know’s what to do

It feel’s like every step we take
Just put’s us more behind
When will we find the cure
For our lost peace of mind

We were once so united
We must find our way again
Only if we work together
Can peace reign again

“When We Rise”

Inspired by the movie “When We Rise”

There are so many battles
That we have yet to win
But no matter how tough life gets
We can’t forget how life was then

There was a time in life
When no one’s life was fair
So many people with lives
That was just too hard to bare

There were times in the past
So many victories forgotten
But where would we be right now
Without those battles then

Life could have been so much tougher
Then the life we have right now
But they showed us how to stand
And the right way how

But now this is the time
When we rise as one
Cause this life long battle
Has only just begun

We have come such a long way
But this war is not yet over
We will keep on standing up
Till we can live peacefully together

Here’s to Another Year

You’ve been such a good friend
So here’s to another year
And now the fun is starting
Right now and right here

You deserve so much more
Then a card could ever give
So keep on living your life
With every day that you live

It’s not about the future
And it’s not about the past
It’s only about the present
So have fun while it last

So let’s make this night
One you will never forget
Here’s to your birthday
You haven’t seen anything yet

You are Who You Are

(In honor of LGBT Pride)

Now it might feel like there’s
No one else quite like you
Like no one will understand
What you’re going through

But you would be surprised to hear
That I’ve been in your shoes
And no matter what life throws at you
I won’t let you lose

Everyone may say it gets better
But that’s only if you try
So here’s to the life you have
And for all the reasons why

Here’s to all the people who
love every little thing you do
And everything that you teach
cause of what you’ve been through

So many of our stories
Can teach people we don’t know
About the fight that we fought
And how it helped us grow

So we can’t forget about the future
How far our stories can reach
About the feeling that you get
When you learn about what you teach

Here’s to all the threads of fate
No matter how thin they are
Because we are all connected
No matter who we are