The Evil Queen (OUaT)

Inspired by The Evil Queen aka Regina Mills from Once Upon a Time

I did the darkest of deeds
I hurt anyone that I please
I had your heart in my hand
No you can’t understand

My past just felt so bleak
Your life is what I seeked
So tired of the secret you told
But you helped create this mold

Ya this evil queen has been born
And your happy endings will be torn
With this dark curse I will cast
So cherish this moment it’s your last

Now we traveled to this little town
And now you’re trapped in┬ámisery
But there’s no way out for you
With no happiness to see

But this curse feels like a cell
Maybe you’re not the only one trapped
I’m now stuck in my own version of hell
Unable to adapt

But the light is slowly shining in
Maybe I’m not that evil anymore
This evil queen is calming down
Found a family worth fighting for

The person that once created the mold
Somehow shown me the way
That I can be so much more
Then who I created that day

I finally found the hero inside
And banished away the darkness
Who knows why love was denied
Why she always was so heartless

But the light has been shown
I’m not that evil anymore
This evil queen has calmed down
Found a family worth fighting for

Once Upon a Time The Savior

Inspired by the first 6 seasons of Once upon a Time and the story of Emma Swan!

My parents had to give me up
When the dark curse was cast
And I’ve always felt so alone in life
Cause I barely remembered my past

They had to do the worst thing
To give me a better chance
But I missed out on so many moments
Like my father daughter dance

When you are trying to grow up
And your family isn’t there
How can you feel like you’re important
If you feel like no one cares

I had to go and find my strength
Even if I felt so alone
To figure out just who I was
and the hero I’ve never known

I was born out of the true love
And I was made to fulfill a prophecy
Who knew that I was born to break
A curse I couldn’t see

But the prophecy has been fulfilled
Played the role I was born to play
But now I’m where I’m meant to be
And in storybrooke I shall stay

Cause now I finally have a place
A place to call my home
Surrounded by family and friends
Now that I finally came into my own

But the last six years have taught me
That one should never give up hope
Cause friends and family will be there for you
When you feel like you can’t cope

My story might be ending now
But a new journey’s about to begin
Here’s to what the future holds
From now and to then

The future might be uncertain
Not sure where it will go
But the story is worth telling
This much I know



Inspired by Xena Warrior Princess

For so many years I was
Known for who I used to be
But you found a way to look past
And see all that I could be

My past was always tarnished
With so much death and so much war
But you knew how to look past
And learn I could be so much more

You joined me on my journey
And you wrote down every tale
You’ve even dared to follow me
through a living hell

You would have given it all up
To be there by my side
You could see throught all my pain
And find the beauty inside

You found a way to write the words
Even when they weren’t there
You could see through my tough exterior
To the things I was afraid to bare

I’m so lucky to have someone like you
So lucky to call you my friend
You were always there for me
Until the bitter end


This is inspired by the tv show “Angel”

So many centuries have gone by
Since I was brought into the dark
Ever since that eventful night
When I was branded by the mark

And then a group of gypsies
Somehow cursed me with a soul
Ever since that day I tried to fill
A neverending hole

I never really tried to change my ways
Or find a way to heal
And then one girl changed it all
And taught me how to feel

I’ve learned to be the better man
Even when we parted ways
And found a purpose in LA
As I pass along my days

But now i’m living as an angel
Without a halo on my head
Trying to live the better life
Without any blood to be fed

So many demons I have slain
Yet there’s still the one left inside
But i’ve learned how to tame the beast
And find my peace of mind

Endless Love

(I think this was inspired by Beauty and the Beast)

How does the moment’s last forever
When time itself is so fleeting
When you and me are here together
Time stands still in every meeting

There are days that just fly on by
Like when you are no where near me
But the moments always feel so endless
When you’re by my side time’s set free

You have a way of stopping time
It’s like the rain just stops falling
I’m trapped in your warm embrace
With the love your heart is calling

What have you done to my heart
How did you put this spell on me
These moments never lasted forever
But now i’m not ready to let go of thee

Time has always passed so quickly
But you found a way to make it stand still
Can you cast this spell on me forever
Cause i’ll gladly stay, if you will

Cause you have a way of making time
Stand still every time you come around
What spell have you cast on me
Is this what happens when true love is found

I don’t want to go back to those days
Of watching the time tick on by
I wish to be with you forever
Will you love me till the end of time?

“When We Rise”

Inspired by the movie “When We Rise”

There are so many battles
That we have yet to win
But no matter how tough life gets
We can’t forget how life was then

There was a time in life
When no one’s life was fair
So many people with lives
That was just too hard to bare

There were times in the past
So many victories forgotten
But where would we be right now
Without those battles then

Life could have been so much tougher
Then the life we have right now
But they showed us how to stand
And the right way how

But now this is the time
When we rise as one
Cause this life long battle
Has only just begun

We have come such a long way
But this war is not yet over
We will keep on standing up
Till we can live peacefully together

Such a Pretty Little Liar

The Lives of four young women
Brought together as one
Scared of what could happen
If everyone found out what they’ve done

So many skeletons in their closet
So many lies they have told
And all the pain in their past
and their future still untold

But now the truth is seeping out
And fighting a common enemy
So many lives they have tortured
So many people it could be

Who knows who A could be
When we see the face behind the mask
Will we get the answers that we seek
or just more questions to ask