The Light to banish the Darkness

(Inspired by Rumple and Belle)

There was a time when all I saw
Was the darkness around my heart
Never expecting to find the light
With so much pain tearing me apart

I’ve been facing my fears for so long
With no one there to have my back
Who knew life would turn out this way
When my hearts always under attack

Till you came in and shown the way
You brought light to the darkest soul
I never expected that you would stay
That you would fill this empty hole

But you came into this life of mine
And you promised you’d never leave
Why was I always so scared to admit
That I carry my heart on my sleeve

My burdens been weighting me down
Another chip in this armor of mine
Who knew you could fix me up
Who knew you could make me shine

What have you done to someone like me
How could you heal me with ease
I thought I would be forever broken
And you’d be so quick to leave

But you stayed with me till the end
Our love was timeless as can be
You helped push back the darkness
And helped find the light inside of me

All I need is a Cue

There was a time
When I had the words to say
Everything that I wanted
To tell you that day

But I just keep mumbling
Whenever you look my way
Why do I get so lost
When I have so much to say

Whenever you’re around me
The words can’t escape my mouth
Why can’t I seem to tell you
What my feelings are about

Why am I so unsure of
I was born to play this part
I shouldn’t need a script
When the words are from my heart

But no matter where I stand
I still need my cue
Cause even when it’s love
I’m not sure how to act with you

Will someone give me a cue card
Please tell me what I must do
Cause I’m ready to tell you just how much
I’m in love with you


All through our life
We have people telling us how to be
What love means to us
And how to act in society

But how can you live your life
When you can’t trust in love tonight
How could you not be who you are
Whenever who you are feels right

When people keep telling you
What you should say and who you love
What’s the point of living when
They tell you what you’re living for

You should be the only one
That has a say in how you feel
Cause you’re the only one that can tell
What in your life feel’s real

Cause it’s your own life you’re living
So they can’t tell you how to act
You’ve got to stand up to them
Trust the one’s that have your back

When it comes to how you love
Your heart’s the only one who makes the rules
It’s all about how you feel
And the heartstring’s that it pulls

The Best Thing

Everything started out so perfectly
Then it all started to fall apart
How could you do these things to me
I thought I could trust you with my heart

I kept trying so hard to show you
Just how perfect we could be
But our story is now ending
Cause you didn’t listen to me

Cause I could be the best you’ve had
But you didn’t listen to what I say
what I say
You could’ve had it all
could’ve had it all
but now you’ve lost your way

Now you find yourself so unsure
Only thing that will love you is yourself
Everything you touch turns to dust
And you feel like you’re in a living hell

But unlike what you’re going through
I feel like i’m living the dream
I thought you were the best thing for me
But nothing is ever what it seems

Now I’m the best i’ve ever been
Glad you didn’t listen to what I say
what I say
You don’t deserve my all
don’t deserve my all
And now I’ve found my way


Third Time was a Charm

When I was just a young boy
I was still new to the game
Just trying to figure myself out
And a heart there to tame

Then I came across someone
That I thought I could love
But life has lessons to teach you
And what we are made of

I thought they were the one for me
I guess you could say I was wrong
Here I am hoping that
Second time is a charm

Now I’ve grown a little older
But I still haven’t learned all the rules
Even with everything in my life
That I have been through

Then someone came into my life
And I thought they were the one
But just like the one before
It wasn’t long before they’d run

I thought they were the one for me
I guess you could say I was wrong
Here I am hoping that
Third time is a charm

Now the game that I been playing
I’ve learned exactly how to play
And whenever you came into my life
I knew exactly what to say

I’ve been waiting all of my life
For someone just like you
I’ve read life’s rulebook
And I know exactly what to do

With all the practice I was given
All the people that passed me by
Each pointed me closer to my future
And the love of my life

I knew you were the one for me
I was hoping I wasn’t wrong
I guess you could say
Third time was a charm

Love Is My Weakness

I was always so strong and independent
And I have way too many flaws to even name
But I kept playing the same role that I was given
Cause I was just too afraid to lose the game

There’s so many choices for me to make
And so many ways for it to turn out wrong
And I’m so tired of ending up a loser
That I’d rather come off being strong

Because love, love is my weakness
The constant battle with the warrior deep within
When you come around me my shields begin to break
And my defeat is my only sin

But now I found a way of being someone
The person I was always afraid to be
I always wondered if anyone could really ever see
The person that was hiding deep inside of me

But now you snuck your way past everything I had
You walked through the land mines inside my heart
And you found the beauty waiting to be found
Where I thought love would only tear it apart

But now love, love has become my only strength
The constant battle is now finally over
And these shields that I was so afraid were falling
Are now letting in my persistent lover

The Day I’ll Never Forget

We all need someone to be there
When we are about to break down
I wonder how long will it be
Till you finally come around

But we can’t spend our life searching
We just need to learn to relax
Cause we don’t know how long it will be
Till we find our other half

I wasn’t lucky enough to find you
You’re not in my life just yet
But when that day finally comes
It will be a day i’ll never forget

My life has been so crazy
And I’m not sure where life will go
But there is just one thing
There’s one thing that I know

One day I know I’ll find you
I know that we were meant to be
But I have learned to just live life
Till love finds it’s way to me

I wasn’t lucky enough to find you
You’re not in my life just yet
But when that day finally comes
It will be a day I’ll never forget

When you meet those certain people
The one’s that can do so much
They turn your whole world around
With everything they touch

The place that once felt lonely
Is now a little bit easier to bare
Just by knowing that you have someone
That will alway’s be there

I’m so lucky to have found you
In my life since the day we met
And now this day has finally came
It will be a day i’ll never forget